Louis’ Before and After Resumes

resumes660on typwriteLouis’ resume was really quite good, neat and free of errors, but it missed the point! The resume should sell you (the good meaning of sell.) Instead it was dense with job duties. Hiring managers already know what the job is. They want to be able to see clearly and quickly what you bring to them. Not hyped or exaggerated, but real examples of what you brought to your current or former employer and can bring to them. Louis liked the new one and, you know what, he got the next job he applied for!

Compare Louis’ Before and After Resumes

[button-orange text=”Louis’ Before Resume” title=”View Resume” url=”http://www.resumes2impress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Before-for-website.pdf”]

[button-green text=”Louis’ After Resume” title=”View resume” url=”http://www.resumes2impress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/After-resume-for-website.pdf”]

How to Write a Resume

We start with a Profile with his job title in bold and we summarize the breadth of his experience. The second paragraph contains his work strengths. The third, traits that describe him at work.  Instead of writing his skills and experience in sentences we created a table so they’d stand out.

We focused on accomplishments in the Professional Experience section. Job title was important so that’s in all caps. Sometimes the company needs more emphasis than the job title. You decide for yourself.

Size of company is important in his field so we included a sentence in italics with dollar amounts and the impressive “95% of business is repeat business.”

The next section is job duties, short and sweet. Training is very important in his field. We listed the most important training with bullets so the hiring manager could scan for her or his needs. To save space it could be done in table form.

Did I say Louis got the next job he applied for with his new resume? It’s definitely a resume 2 impress.