Employers Are Checking You Out on Social Media



Growing Social Media

Growing Social Media (Photo credit: mkhmarketing)


Two in five companies use social-networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to screen potential candidates. 
 2012 CareerBuilder survey


That’s the good news. That’s they’re looking. The bad news is if you miss out because of what they see.


What are they looking for?


  • To see if the candidate presents himself/herself professionally – 65 percent
  • To see if the candidate is a good fit for the company culture – 51 percent
  • To learn more about the candidate’s qualifications – 45 percent
  • To see if the candidate is well-rounded – 35 percent
  • To look for reasons not to hire the candidate – 12 percent


Here are the best tips from a Wall Street Journal article reporting on the CareerBuilder survey and other sources.


Employers don’t want to see these things. (In no particular order of importance) 


  1. Spelling and grammar mistakes.
  2. Too much personal information.
  3. Seeing you in uncompromising situations! No party photos! Set your Facebook privacy settings.
  4. Not having a picture.
  5. Outdated information on LinkedIn.
  6. Coming off as a miracle worker who did it all him/herself. Sell yourself but don’t exaggerate.
  7. Inconsistencies between your LinkedIn profile and your resume. Cross check them.
  8. Badmouthing anybody. Really. What do you gain by trashing a former employer. Don’t do it.
  9. Using inappropriate language.


As with all you do in this job search, have a friend look at your internet presence. It’s amazing what we miss.


Not all companies include social media checks in their process. Some feel the negatives outweigh the positives. Going online they expose themselves to information that cannot be legally considered in the hiring process.