You’ll hear “You’re Hired!” sooner

It begins with an excellent resume


FACLinda Davidson, professional resume writerT:  Hiring managers spend a few seconds, at most, on your resume. You want a resume that’s easy to read, one that conveys your message and markets you. You want a professional resume written by a professional. I’ve written hundreds of resumes; resumes that get results. I have close contact with hiring managers as a business coach. I know what managers and HR folks are looking for. Let’s write your resume together and you’ll hear You’ve got the job! sooner.

How We Work Together

    • Check out the page, Packages. You’ll get what you need and more.
    • We’ll work together by phone and email.
    • Most importantly, your goal becomes mine. Together we’ll get you the documents you need to market yourself well.

How I Can Help You

There are professional resume writers and then there are the not so professional resume writers. I have both the experience and the success to help you. I have an MBA and a career in business. I like using my experience and education to help you get a job, build a career and feel successful.

I’ve done resumes for all business fields and for employees at all levels; for career changers and first time resumes for graduates and mid-lifers; for a circus performer and for Saralee who wanted to be an escort. Now that’s a story! And you thought your experience was difficult to capture. We can do it! 

For a resume written by a professional resume writer, click Packages.

Do you have questions? Call Linda at three zero three, nine one seven, two four four nine.

Success Stories

"Linda customized my outdated resume into a visually appealing, professional  document identifying key attributes and qualifications in a succinct, relevant format.  It worked!"
Liz Kennedy, Registered Nurse, Grand Junction, Colorado
"Linda is wonderful, I was able to get numerous interviews with the resume and cover letter that she and I wrote. I would not be employed without her help."
Doc Richardson, Geochemist at Tetra Tech, Golden, Colorado
"Linda Davidson provided excellent interviewing skills.  Her attention to detail, her nuanced advice, and her completeness in covering all aspects of an interview were invaluable to me in my quest for a job in a crowded field. I stayed the course and landed my perfect professor position."
Ian Smith, PhD, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas
"I had never had a resume before.  Linda made the entire process painless.   Her professional manner and personal interest in outcomes are beyond compare.  Professionals who have viewed my resume have been impressed with her work. " 
Marya Johnston, Book and Nature Lover, Grand Junction, ColoradoMarya now owns her own independent book store, Out West, on Main Street in Grand Junction, Colorado.
"Linda has helped me put together a top notch resume!  I feel that job hunting can be a daunting task. It feels good to have an ally like Linda on my side.  Her knowledge and experience of being on the other side of the interview table is invaluable."
Erik Bosson, IT Professional, Grand Junction, Colorado
"I had two resumes I'd used in the past without good results.  Linda and I agreed they showed nothing but my job duties and I needed one that sold me better with real stuff I'd done.  We did it and  I got the next job that I used it for!"
Louis Macedo, Construction Management, San Martin, California
"Linda was a great resource and ally as I shifted career paths. She helped tailor my resume and cover letters in a way that highlighted my skills and achievements. Her expert guidance  helped me navigate the complexities of the interview process. Thanks to Linda I have landed my dream job!"
Katherine Lundberg, Iowa State University, Ames Iowa
"You don't get the interview unless the resume is well written, I know that. I've read and thrown away hundreds of resumes when I was hiring. Now when I was looking I knew I needed help writing mine.  Linda and I wrote the resume that got me the job."
Bob Westlund, Stock Brokerage Manager, Des Moines, Iowa