About Linda

Perhaps, like me, early in your career you got your jobs by “being there.” It used to be easy to get a job. Not so anymore. Now you need to have a resume that tells the prospective employer what you can do for them and you need to know how to get a job. That’s what I can do for you.

Linda Davidson, resume writer

Linda Davidson, Resume Writer

I learned what a good resume is and how to get a job working with hundreds of job seekers who were getting laid off en masse from large and small firms when we were living in Dallas. I finished an MBA and went to work for a national outplacement firm. Outplacement firms contracted with companies to help laid off employees until they got a job.  The masters degrees I have in counseling and business made it a perfect fit for me.

From nationwide firm I had my own regional outplacement company in Dallas that was acquired by a different outplacement and recruitment company after a few years. (Can you say your company has been acquired? It was fun.) As times changed I transitioned to business coaching.  But I’ve never given up helping people with resumes and job search. My close connections with HR and hiring managers through business coaching keeps me updated on how to help YOU get a job.

For business coaching see: Linda Davidson, Business Coach.

Why Use Me to Write Your Resume?

The number one reason is that I will be working with you (not someone from a stable of writers as you’ll see in other resume writing websites.) As Erik says in his testimonial, “It’s nice to have Linda on your side.” I’ll be on your side to give you guidance and tips for cover letters, networking and interviewing for the length of time of your package. (30 days for the Resume Package or 90 days for the Job Search Package.)